Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Outside Influences

(Nick takes pleasure in being cruel to ducks)

Since Nicholas has started preschool, Doug and I have noticed him misbehaving more and I wondered if anyone has had a similar situation as their children started preschool. I guess I am getting my first taste of seeing the influence of other kids on my sweet, innocent boy. There is one boy in the class that can be aggressive, and I've noticed Nick has started to be a little more aggressive toward Joselyn. Also, a few days ago Nick said "Oh my Dog" only he didn't say Dog if you know what I'm getting at. I was surprised and he said that one of the boys at preschool says that. We had an important talk about it. We have started a sticker chart with rewards that he picks when he gets so many stickers and that seems to be helping. Any other advice??? Last week he got his first reward to Chuck E. Cheese. Here are a few pictures.

How to Make Marble Magnets

My crafty and talented friened, Tara, sent me adorable marble magnets for my birthday last year and I wanted to pass along the idea, especially with Christmas right around the corner. What I love about craft is that ANYTHING that is on paper can be transformed into a fun magnet and you can make it a very personalized gift. Also it is quick, easy and cheep. Be creative and have fun! The pictures turned out a little blurry, but you get the idea.

Clear Marble Accents with a flat side (I used clear Jumbo Gems) $2.29 at JoAnns

Mod Podge (One web site said brush on Instant Krazy glue or a Silicone Sealer works too) $3.99 at JoAnns
Strong Magnets $2.49 for 8 at JoAnns Super Strong Ceramic
Hot Glue gun
of whatever you want on your magnet. (you could used decorative scrapbook paper, magazines, stickers, photos, ribbon etc. )

1. Gather pictures and cut them out You could use a circle punch if you have one, or just use sissors to cut out your favorite photos or designs from paper. (Note: You can glue a plain piece of photo paper or cardstock to the back of the picture or scrapbook paper to make it thicker and so you wouldn’t see the magnet. Also if you use stickers, you’ll want to stick them to cardstock first and then cut them out.)

2. Glue picture to marble Next put a ½ inch sized dot of the Mod Podge to the the flat side of the marble. I used a small paint brush, but you could just use a butter knife. Quickly apply the picture face down to the marble. This next step is key: Press down firmly for 30 seconds with your thumb and fingers. You want to make sure the glue spreads out and that you don’t have any bubbles. With a little practice you’ll know just the right about of Mod Podge to use so that it doesn’t leak out the sides too much. If you decide to use the Krazy glue be careful not to glue your fingers together- that glue is strong.

3. Let Dry Then I actually set another marble on top of the picture that I just glued down to give it a little pressure and let it dry for about an hour, or until there is no longer any white wet glue. (When I use thicker paper it takes a few days to completely dry.)

4. Glue picture marble to magnet Then I just use a hot glue gun and glue the magnet on the back. Make sure your magnets are strong enough to support the size of mable you have. No one likes a magnet that is too weak.

This website has instructions too:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Free 8 X 11 Album from Snapfish

Just wanted to pass along that on Oprah yesterday she announced that Snapfish is giving away free 20 page 8 X 11 albums that you create. You have to login to Snapfish by this Friday the 14th by midnight and it will credit your cart with the free album. Then you have until Sunday, the 16th at midnight to put together the album and order it.

On Oprah they used the Snapfish album as a way to organize your children's artwork, but taking digital photos of it and having it in a bound album. I think I'm going to use my album as a Christmas gift for my parents that has picture highlights of the past year.

Here is the link:

The album usually costs 29.99. I am not great with computers, but snapfish has cute backgrounds that you just add your pictures to. It is easy and FREE!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We had a wonderful Halloween!!!

Nick was a Power Ranger & Joselyn was a ballerina.

Nick with his weapons.

Look how educational my candy is!!!

I made Joselyn's tutu after watching a youtube video on how to make one.

Nick carving a pumpkin. He maticulously picked every pumpkin seed out for roasting because I told him that Daddy likes roasted pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin bowling at the Ward Trunk or Treat.

Pumpkin Patch

We want to "The Farm" (a pumpkin patch) last week and Nicholas was in heaven. It is about 45 minutes north and I enjoyed a day where I felt like I was in Nebraska- there was corn, hay, and animals. What more could you want.

In a big bin of dry corn. Joselyn of course tried to eat it.

The hay ride.

Nick with the pumpkin he selected.

Nick favorite part was the steep slide into a pile of hay at the end of the hay maze.

Nick in the hay maze.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

$275 in prizes up for grabs!

For those of you who don't know, a few months ago I started my own online internet business called Simple GPT. GPT stands for "get paid to" and my site is an incentive-based site that pays members to complete easy surveys and other simple offers. This past week I had my first contest on the site. There was some really good competition! The 3 members who completed the most offers in a week won prizes ($25, $15, & $10). For November, we have 2 contests going on with even bigger prizes! The first one is a referral contest. 1st place wins a $75 gift card and 2nd place wins a $25 gift card. The second contest has 3 prizes ($100, $50, $25) for the 3 members who earn the most during the month of November. Altogether, I am giving away $275 in prizes this month! If you haven't signed up yet and are interested or have questions, let me know. It is 100% free! If you have never done GPT sites/online surveys, leave me a comment with your email address & I'll send over some great tips on getting started. You can sign up by clicking HERE

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