Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Wishes

I could not get a decent picture of them together!

We hope that every one is staying warm and has a wonderful Christmas!!! We took a trip to Denver a few weeks ago and it seems like I have finally been able to catch up on things and feel ready for Christmas. Here is our Christmas newsletter. Warm Christmas wishes to all!
Dear Family & Friends,

It’s been another wonderful year for us. We ended 2007 with our precious Joselyn being born on Dec 26th; she will celebrate her first Christmas this year. We got her a doll and I’m so excited to give it to her! It’s been a year of firsts for her, including walking at 9 ½ months!!! Her new favorite thing is pointing at everything! She loves books and can’t quite pronounce Nicky so she calls her big brother “Ninny”.

Nicholas has grown up a lot this year. He started primary and is a Sunbeam this year; he really enjoys it. He also started preschool in September and loves it. School was canceled for a few days due to snow and he was quite disappointed. He is really excited about Christmas this year. As encouragement for him to be a little more obedient, I told him that if he isn’t a good boy then he would get coal from Santa. I explained that coal is black rocks and he excitedly exclaimed “Awesome, I love rocks! I could paint them!” Nick loves collecting stuff and is quite the pack rat already. He sees potential in just about everything.

Doug is in his 4th and FINAL year of dental school at UW. He passed part 2 of the National Boards in November, and his graduation will be in June. Doug recently had Lasik eye surgery after growing tired of contacts and he has loved the change. In July of this year, Doug started his own online business; it’s an incentive site or a “GPT” (Get Paid To) website that rewards members for completing simple surveys. It is really growing quickly as of late! Sign up at simplegpt.com if you want to earn a little extra cash! Doug is also serving as financial clerk in the ward.

I am doing well, just trying to keep up with everything. I still apartment manage and I also teach the 11- year old girls in primary and love it!!! I try to get scrapbooking in every chance I get. In August, I got braces; it was quite an adjustment at first. We enjoyed a trip to the San Juan Islands in April for our 5-year anniversary. We also enjoyed a few trips to Nebraska this year to celebrate Kim (my sister) getting home from her mission in February and Corey (my brother) getting home from his mission in August. And Zac (my other brother) left in September for the Geneva, Switzerland mission. Earlier this month we took a trip to Denver to check it out as a possible place to live. We loved the area and found a good lead on a job opportunity. We’ll see what our options are as Doug gets closer to graduation. We are excited for graduation and look forward to getting a bigger place. We are quickly outgrowing our 2-bedroom apartment!

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2009!

Jessica, Doug, Nicholas and Joselyn


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