Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a fun and busy Easter weekend. The Saturday before Easter we went to an egg hunt at Bitter Lake Park. Then drove to Puyallup to meet up with family to do a egg hunt at South Hill Mall. It was fun, with lots of kid activities. Then we went out to dinner. Then, the Easter bunny came Sunday morning and we enjoyed church.

Nick gathering candy.

Joselyn would put some candy in her basket, then take some out.

Nick and cousin, Kaylee at egg hunt at the mall.

Joselyn trying to open candy. She now know how to say candy and sucker.


Joselyn with animal balloon.

Nick & Joselyn.


Nick on Easter morning. I love how kids look when they just wake up. He was so "egg"-cited to see that the Easter bunny had come.

Joselyn on Easter morning.

Joselyn ready for church.


Nick and Joselyn after church.

Nick with his basket from Trisha.

Nick & Joselyn.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kim & Dave's Wedding

We recently returned from a trip to Nebraska for my baby sister, Kim's wedding. She was a beautiful bride and I couldn't be happier for her. Dave is awesome. Here are some pictures.

Kim and Dave exiting the Winter Quarters Temple.

Doug & Nick waiting.


Joselyn in her pretty white dress.

The family waiting for the luncheon.

Nick & cousin Gabby.

The WHOLE family at the reception.

Me and my 7 siblings. Ok, there is 6 out of my 7 siblings and one cardboard cut out of Zac, who is on his mission in Switzerland right now. We plan to mail these pictures to his mission president to get him in trouble:)

One of the best moments of the trip was watching Nick dance with his cousin Gabby. He looked so handsome in his vest suit, and had such good posture and was twirling her all around the dance floor. We dance around the house all the time, so it was fun to see all of my dance training pay off.

Scrapbooking like crazy!!!

Every night for the past few months, once the kids were asleep, you could find me scrapbooking. My latest project was a baby book for my sister's little girl. I am sad that I didn't take a few pictures to post on the blog before I gave it to her, but imagine the cutest scrapbook you have ever seen, and that is what it looked like:) Just joking!

I did get a little burnt out. I actually said to myself a few times, I am sick of scrapbooking, but it passes really quickly. I love doing it.

*A special thanks to Douglas Price who put up with a scrapbooking mess every day for the past few months, and on and off for the past 6 years. Love ya!

Made by Lena