Friday, October 17, 2008

Joselyn is Walking!

It has been too long since I have updated our blog. The biggest news around the Price household is that Joselyn is walking! She took her first step about 3 weeks ago and has improved so quickly. She is really getting good with her balance. It is so fun to watch the first steps. I need to figure out how to post videos. Lately she also loves to clap and give high fives. She is such a joy!

Doug started his fourth and final year of dental school and is well into this quarter. He has part 2 of the National Boards coming up in November, and is studying each night for them. We are excited that he will be done in June!!!

We are trying to take advantage of the non-rainy days and have made a few trips to the park. Lately, Nick has loved Licton Springs park because they have these parallel bars that he wraps his arms around and slides down them like a super hero. The first time he tried it he did a face plant, but has improved since. Nick is still loving preschool and looking forward to upcoming field trips.

Joselyn loves to swing.

We celebrated my 26th Birthday at Red Robin this past week. Doug was very sweet and made my birthday special. I also recently got a new calling teaching Sunday school to the 11 & 12 year old girls. I am loving it.


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